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MrPimpGoodGame Is the King of the Instagram Selfie

MrPimpGoodGame's prolific Instagram gallery has garnered a cult following due to his signature look. We reached out to the incredibly photogenic man to get his thoughts on his newfound fame, business ventures, and women.
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At first glance, Benny Winfield Jr. seems like a normal 37-year-old who works as a customer-service rep, lives in the suburbs of Houston, and tutors children in his spare time. But online, he's MrPimpGoodGame, the self-proclaimed "King of the Selfie Movement," whose prolific Instagram gallery has garnered a cult following due to his signature look: an honest smirk and a shiny head. Although the selfie has been criticized among the ranks of pseudointellectuals, girls who watch Girls, and actual psychiatrists for its seemingly trivial implications on mainstream culture, MrPimpGoodGame takes it all at face value, because according to him, a selfie is face value.


Instead of talking to some Freudian dork about the psychosemantics of the selfie, I wanted to get in touch with a professional. So I web-chatted with MrPimpGoodGame to talk about his newfound fame, business ventures, and women.

VICE: Why? 
MrPimpGoodGame: I was trying to be funny at first. I didn't think it would take off like this.

Did you have a normal person Instagram before? 
No, I've always been doing this because it's what I do. My original account was PimpGoodGame and I was getting so much attention that I had to shut it down because I had co-workers on there. So then I started MrPimpGoodGame and really pushed the selfie movement.

What's the movement about?
The selfie movement is about loving the way you look, even if you're having a bad hair day. No matter what. It's always appropriate to take a selfie.

So it's cool to take a selfie at a funeral?
I haven't been to a funeral in a while, but I intend to find out. I take selfies at work, or while I'm driving. For about 30 percent of my pictures, I'm actually on the toilet.

How do your friends and family feel about your newfound fame? Do they even know about it?
Once I was on my local news station, the secret was out. I tried to have some of my co-workers keep it on the low, but the cat's out of the bag now.

You've got the fan base, but all you need now is the fortune. Do you have any side hustles at the moment?
People have been telling me to get an entertainment lawyer, but who knows. I also have dreams of starting my own production company one day, but for now I'm just gonna keep pimping.


I feel like there's lot of people out there who do exactly what you do…
There are plenty of ladies out there who do what I do on a daily basis, but when I do it, people find it funny. I guess there's a double standard because I'm a black male.

I looked over some of the childhood pics you sent me, and it seems as if you haven't broken out of character since 1984.
This is the way I look man, this is not an act. The only thing that changed is that I became a man.

In this picture you showed us a side of you we've never seen before. Was this directed at all the haters who said you were only capable of one look?
The inspiration for that came from my ex, since she was the one who took the picture. So she was the one being a hater, always talking about how she wanted me to be more "multifaceted."

Is that why she split?
I guess she couldn't deal with my sense of humor at the time. She's definitely acting a lot friendlier now that I've blown up, and there's no doubt she'll be hitting me up once the checks start rolling in. There was definitely some jealously around at that time.

Maybe it's because you have plenty women thirsting over you. Have any of them actually reached out to you wanting to meet up?
There was this one girl who wanted to be my side chick. She didn't even want to be my main girl, and wouldn't stop talking about my semen.

There's plenty of fish out there. Who knows, maybe you'll meet MrsPimpGoodGame. 
Yeah, maybe. The ones who have contacted me are more like those fish that eat the dirt off the walls of a fish tank.


You're preaching to the choir. I want to talk about your signature look. Does it have a name?
It's called Something to Remember.

That's sounds like a rom-nov for menopausal women.
Yeah, it's called Fifty Shades of MrPimpGoodGame and it's gonna be on the New York Times bestsellers list.

I think Derek Zoolander went through some similar tribulations with Blue Steel. And there's talk that you're currently working on your Magnum look. Is it still in its developmental phase?
I'm working on something, but I can't really comment on it.

Can't wait.

Follow MrPimpGoodGame on Instagram and buy a t-shirt emblazoned with his signature look here.

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