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Venus Is Passing in Front of the Sun Right Now

Before you look at it, read this.
Ben Richmond
Κείμενο Ben Richmond

For all but our youngest and healthiest readers, Tuesday night will be the last chance we’ll have to see Venus move between the Earth and the Sun. (It’s doubtful any of us will make it to 2117, when Venus makes its Sun-pass again, as the human lifespan still seems to be coming up a little short.) Naturally, this makes it the social event of the astronomical year, and parties are always better when they have themes (this is why Halloween parties are so much more fun than New Year’s). I’m proud to provide you with a few suggestions on how to make your transit party the transit party that people will be talking about for the next 105 years.


Here’s a few “starter themes” to get your mind going. The most important thing, of course, is to have a good time. But the second (and almost as) important thing is to not look directly at the Sun. With that said, let’s get started.

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