This story is over 5 years old.

Dear VICE: I Don't Hate You


To Whom It May Concern,
First off I would just like to address the team at Vice and tell you how great I think your brand is. I have just recently started following the articles on the website and even the TV series, The Vice Guide to Everything on Netflix and I must say you guys post some amazing content, all of which is very interesting to read.

So I guess you may be wondering what this thread is all about. A few years back, there was an article post on DJ'ing and unfortunately for me it seem's as if my name was used to send some pretty ruff hate mail which is now featured on your site.


While on an hour break between classes in my third year of marketing here at school, a friend of mine googled my name just for fun. We had just finished an ethics class and our professor was discussing the effects the internet has on personal web presence and how our name is used can affect landing a job at some point in our career's should an employer google our name (BLAH BLAH BLAH). Anyway when the search button was hit, a few links popped up with my name (, niagara research) and then BAM I see this link to Vice and I'm like what the heck? I didn't know I was famous!

With curiousity, i clicked on the link and to my amazement noticed the hate mail that was sent to the staff of VICE and automatically my Jaw had droppped. I felt a burn in my heart, and a rush of anger take me over as i read the content. I slooked over he comments and after a while I found it quite hillarious because I know I didn't write this. I am very particular about my web presence and obviously I am a proud supporter of VICE and what you guys do (i especially liked the episode of the man with no tongue making guns, and the day in the life with a real russian mobster) so it would make no sense for me to email you and discourage anyone in your offices. I am a humble man, with a great family, and a love for music and dj'ing.

But over the years and my experiences in the "professional" music industry, what I do know is that my efforts to pursue a career in DJ'ing and production has brought me to some dead end walls and personal self esteem issue's because there are plenty of promoters in my area who are back stabbing, lier's who think they are all hollywood and would make it their life sentence to bring me and my talents down (I won't mention names because I am obviously better then the person who used my name to send you that email).

I know how easy it is these days for an identity to be stolen and used but I would just like to apologize (for the idiot[s] who used my name and identity) to email you and say bad words like "fuck" and "fuck you". I would never do that.


The original article "the real" Markos is addressing is "Hey DJ, Fuck You!," which was published in 2004 and was/is probably our most controversial article ever--despite the fact that since that time we've covered everything from Somalia to desperate poverty in America to bizarre cults to child prisons in Uganda--and a lot of other crap in between. For some reason DJs are rabid defenders of the difficulty of their jobs, and we STILL catch shit for saying what they do isn't all that hard.

A few years ago we published an angry letter from a reader who accused us of disabling comments on that article, which he thought made us a gang of pussies unable to take criticism. As we've said three billion times, we disabled comments on that article because the author was getting about 50 death threats a day from disgruntled DJs who worked harder commenting on our website than they did in the past five years at their "jobs." But to the point, that letter was signed "Markos Polydorou." So, in the interest of clearing the real Markos' name, we'd just like to state, for the record, that the guy who wrote us an angry letter a couple of years ago is an impostor, and not the nice young gentleman who wrote the letter above. There.