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Vice Fashion - The Bunny Ranch

Sex for service.
Κείμενο Danielle Levitt

If you served in the recent liberation of Iraq and you can get a ride to Carson City, Nevada, really fast, you can have sex for free with a legal hooker. The Midnite Bunny Ranch, America’s most storied lawful whorehouse, is offering something called the “T&A 50” to the first 50 men and women fresh from active duty who come sniffing around. In the service, a TA-50 is the equivalent of a purse—it carries everything you need to survive besides your food and gun (canteen, mattress pad, entrenching tool, and so on). At the Bunny Ranch, the T&A 50 encompasses an official T-shirt, a menu of sex acts, a condom, some drink tickets, and a coupon for a gratis fuck. When VICE stopped in at the end of July, there had already been about thirteen men and three women who had taken the bait, and there were four Navy guys there at the same time as us, wandering around looking both sheepish and really psyched. Karla wears a top and skirt by Perry Ellis Women’s Wear; fur piece by Tawfik Mounayer. Chris (in the Navy for six years) wears a shirt by GAS; jacket and pants by The Kulte. Photographer: Danielle Levitt
Stylist: Signe Yberg
Makeup: Kristi Matamoros, using
Giorgio Armani Cosmetics


Veronica wears a cape by Heatherette; T-shirt and hot pants by American Apparel. Jonathan (in the Navy for one year) wears a shirt by Pengiun; jeans by Perry Ellis; shoes by Avirex; watch by G-Shock.

April Showers wears a jacket and skirt by Alice Roi. David (in the Navy for four years)
wears a top by Left Field; pants by Fidel; shoes by Clarks.

Airforce Amy wears a top and tap pants by Paul & Joe.