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Corporate Shilling - Me and My Flykly

I have the sort of feelings for my Flykly that one would normally reserve for their children or the penguin exhibit at the zoo.
Nick Gazin
Κείμενο Nick Gazin

Last Friday VICE gave me a Flykly to take and do whatever with as long as I turned it into an article for this website. I rode it home from the office, and in the mile or so I spent with this electric scooter I felt a surge of immeasurable joy—like the world had been opened for me to explore. I felt the kind of feelings for the scooter that you normally reserve for your children or the penguin exhibit at the zoo, when you stand there for hours watching those aquabirds eat fish and swim and occasionally let out loud honking wails. I wonder what those penguins are up to right now? I might ride to the zoo tomorrow and say hi and try to take a couple home with me because they are the cutest.

As I parked my Flykly outside my house I realized that all vehicles deserve a name. They also deserve a face. So I ran upstairs and grabbed my paints and set to christening my scooter. I decided to name the scooter Penelope, after my sister.

First I painted in the base colors.

Then I painted in her face.

Then I put the name along the side too, like a boat.

And that's what I did. I've been riding this thing around all weekend and it's pretty fucking awesome. It feels a lot like a motor scooter, except that it's almost completely silent. Also, you can charge the battery by peddling and you don't need to get a license or register it since it's considered an electric bicycle. It's got little footholds that swing down for when someone's riding bitch, too. I'm pretty stoked all over this thing.

If you want your own Flykly to paint or go visit penguins on, order one from