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Surviving South by Southwest

SXSW isn’t all Shiner Bock and BBQ. It’s a lot of hard work, too. And tacos.
Κείμενο Sean Yeaton

Now that SXSW is over for me, let me share some tips for staying sane while you’re lost in Austin’s annual thicket of obscurity. You see, I’ve been to SXSW two years in a row now, which by media industry standards means I’ve knocked about 15 years off my life. Match that with all of the other horrible things I do to my body and mind and there’s a roughly 40 percent chance that these are the last words I’ll ever type.

SXSW is a real commitment. It’s mentally and physically taxing in a way that’s truly impressive from a masochistic perspective. Veterans of the conference will carry scars for the rest of their lives. “This wrist band here?” some mangled vet might stutter at a Conference Goers Anonymous meeting. “Google Reader party, 2009. It was fucked up, man. Saw shit I’ll never be able to un-see.”

Yeah, it’s a real mess but it’s loaded with opportunities to meet rad people, eat and drink like a king for free, and learn about the future from super smart people whose business cards you want.

With that said, now that I’m out of the shit, I’d like to impart my wisdom on those of you just reaching Austin, right as one of the most cacophonously hectic, absolutely mind-altering gatherings of soon-to-be zombies kicks into full gear.

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