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Before we start, let's just point out that the aim of this column is to tell you about music videos that you can watch using a computer or whatever you use to connect to the internet. previously, we're sure you won't be able to competently find these...



Birdman & Lil’ Wayne

Before we start, let’s just point out that the aim of this column is to tell you about music videos that you can watch using a computer or whatever you use to connect to the internet. Since some of you have been unable to fully comprehend this previously, we’re sure you won’t be able to competently find these videos by yourself. Therefore, we here at Vice have generously put together two whole sections on the internet where you can go to watch these videos using your eyes. You can either go to the Yahoo! Music page at or alternatively you can go to Now that we’ve got that sorted let’s get talking about some videos. First up is “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” by Birdman & Lil’ Wayne, taken from their joint album Like Father, Like Son. The video is nothing special, with the usual stuff like paper stacking, and Birdman Jr. with his shirt off most of the time, but the tune is a heater for sure. These two seem to be really taking the whole father and son thing to its ultimate fulfilment. I’m sure you’ve heard all the rumours propagated by Philly’s Gilly Da Kid (an ex-Cash Money member who also claims to have ghostwritten for Weezy) that poppa Birdman and Wayne could regularly be spotted kissing each other on the lips. Hey Gilly, just because you dreamt something doesn’t make it real (NO HOMO). Young Jeezy and Blood Raw from the Snowman’s own Corporate Thugs Entertainment clique have recently vocalled this beat as well; the track’s called “Stuntin’ Like My Homies” and it’s straight fire as you’d expect. By the way, fellow CTE member Slick Pulla has gotta be one of our favourite cats right now. If you heard his spots on the Can’t Ban The Snowman tape earlier this year you’ll know what we’re talking about. If, on the other hand, you’ve been sleeping check out a tune by Slick called “Birds Fly”. Rick Ross, is back with another one about moving yayo. “Push It”, produced by Cool & Dre even samples the Giorgio Moroder-produced theme tune from Scarface for that extra “rolled-up-mauve-blazer-sleeve” frisson. The video features Ross and some guys throwing money around and playing toy cars on a map of Miami. Did we mention how fat this guy is? Check out his bingo wings jiggling as he raises his arms in the dock scene. Eww… (NO HOMO). Ricky’s Port Of Miami LP is a bit patchy, so if you need more Florida love in your life check Slip-N-Slide affiliate Plies, who is gooned out to the fullest and will be moving in 2007, trust us. Plies and a whole bag of other up-and-coming Sunshine State MCs are featured on DJ Smallz’s excellent Fear Factor Florida mixtape, which has been getting regular rotations around these parts. If all that gooned out stuff isn’t your thing then maybe you’ll like “Chain Hang Low” which is some real candy-ass shit from Jibbs out of St. Louis. This one takes that nursery rhyme: “do your ears hang low duh duh duh de duh de duh” and oh-so cleverly interpolates it into a tune about the length of Jibbs’ chain (which he shows off for most of the video). It looks set to overtake “Laffy Taffy” as the tune that NY hip-hop purists point to as evidence of rap’s continuing decline into gross materialism and idiocy. If you like the original you’ll wanna check out the remix featuring Yung Joc, Lil’ Wayne, Rich Boy and Lil’ Mont. Another huge St. Louis banger to check right now is “Pop Lock & Drop It” by recent Jive records signee Huey. Few rap troupes have stood the test of time as well as the sneaker homage. Berkley’s The Pack would have you believe that it’s all about Vans; they’re pictured in their “Vans” video tossing pristine coke whites into a garbage can (the sacrilege!). The song has been about for a minute but the 12" has just been released, and we only like to fuck with vinyl, so we’re back on it. A cursory examination of internet hip-hop message boards (this is what we do all day, btw) will reveal that The Pack are taking a controversial stand with their choice of footwear. The best comment we’ve seen on this life-or-death issue thus far went something like (sic): “IM FROM THE BAY AND ALL BUT FAREAL… VANS? DAMN DOG U MAKIN US LOOK LIKE SKATER PUNKS… ‘FUCK YO VANS’ REMIX GOES HARD”. The “Fuck Yo Vans” remix mentioned is by San Francisco’s Drino Man, and has now pretty much eclipsed the original in terms of popularity. Also on the hyphy tip we’re feeling Oakland’s The A’z. Their “Yadadamean” cut (which we first heard on DJ Heat’s The New Bay Vol. 4 back when it came out) is definitely one of the best tracks out of the Bay this year. Despite seeing the video over in the US last year, us Brits are only getting a release of the Scott ‘I look like I’ve had plastic surgery on my face’ Storch-produced “Turn It Up” by Chamillionaire on November 13th. It’s a double a-side with “Grown And Sexy”. Staying in Texas, our number one sure shot tape out of there right now has to be DJ Rapid Ric’s All Flows From Da Garage. It’s straight fire from start to finish—the whole Whut It Dew family spitting right off the dome over some nice cutting and chopping from the Mixtape Mechanic. Oh shit, we nearly forgot to mention that we’re putting on our own club night at the Old Blue Last soon and you’ll get a chance to hear all the stuff we’re talking about here. Look out for it. PRANCEHALL & EASYCHORD