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The Comics Issue

Vice Fashion - Completists

Photos by Tomas Leth, Styling by Alan Innes
Κείμενο Tomas Leth

STYLIST: Alan Innes Batman suite model’s own, sneakers by Umbro by Kim Jones 


I was just thinking about why I’m not as into Batman as I used to be a couple of years ago, and I realized that it’s because Batman is someone you need when you’re feeling lonely and geeky, you know, because he’s this lonely cool guy. I don’t really mind Robin either. Everyone hates on Robin, but I think he’s cute.


Shirt by Siv Støldal, jeans by Edwin


I wanted to start collecting something, and Gladstone Gander is very limited. There is only about 15 merch pieces worldwide, and I now have the complete collection. I once lost the plate to some regular Disney collector, some Irishman, on eBay. About a year later he put it back online, and I made sure to get it. It wasn’t super expensive or anything, there aren’t that many Gladstone Gander collectors out there. He’s easily the most hated character in

Donald Duck

. In my stories—I’m a professional storywriter for

Donald Duck

—Gladstone usually gets Daisy, which is very unusual.

T-shirt model’s own, jeans by WE


I have everything that Carl Barks ever did, or helped doing, but my most precious magazine right now is a copy of

V for Vendetta

with a personal drawing by David Lloyd. I don’t really live in this apartment, it’s mainly for my collection, and some programming. The collection used to be a lot bigger too, but I’ve been selling stuff. This T-shirt features art by Jack Kirby. It glows in the dark.

T-shirt model’s own, jeans by WE


Until the movie came out, I was pretty complete when it comes to Hellboy. The Holy Grail of my collection is a Hellboy statue by Shawn Nagle from –96. It's based on the cover of

Dark Horse Presents #88

. It was made in a limited run and I heard there was some freak accident and only 28 statues made it. I’ve made up rules limiting what I collect, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to stay in this apartment—both because of finance and space… I’m forced to keep my


Nightmare Before Christmas


Toy Story

collections in storage.

Cardigan by Henrik Vibskov