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The Conversations With Distinguished Gentlemen Issue

Hock Talk

This is how the glorified pawnshop works, according to José Luis Arregín, the broker: Money-strapped clients hock their stuff for half its value in cash.
02 Ιούνιος 2009, 12:00am

Vice: Hi. Any strange stories for us?

José Luis Arregín:

Have you ever been cheated?

Anyone ever try to pawn a living creature?

Did he come in with the lion on a leash or did he just bring a photo?

Poor thing. The man was probably sure that you would be able to help him.

Vice: Hi. Can you tell me the rules of this pawnshop?


What happens with these valuables?

Have the world’s financial woes affected your business?

Upon ejection, we found an interesting cross section of patrons: rich, poor, white, black, old, young, male, and female. They all had two things in common: They reeked of embarrassment and they didn’t want to chat. (Our favorite excuse: “I don’t speak Dutch, French, or English.”) Finally, Nikira agreed to answer a couple questions as long as we didn’t snap her picture.

Vice: What’s a nice lady like you doing in a place like this?


Did you pawn anything you really cared about today?

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