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Amplified Samples

Samples. There are plenty of rotters out there dressing their shitty songs up in them, applying them as liberally as possible without realizing everyone can see straight through their horribly stuck-together musical golems.
Κείμενο The Jza

Photo by Ben Rayner

Night Ripper

Vice: So, how good are you at talking to girls? Do you make like one of your songs and try on a load of different angles in a row and then just hope for the best?

Gregg Gillis:

What kind of job did you have where you had to have short hair and be clean shaven? Was it at a boot camp?

Blade Runner

Did the people you worked with know that you were going off on the weekends to get butt-naked on stage in front of strangers and press buttons that make Nirvana go a cappella over the Boredoms?

You have never cleared a sample and record for a label called Illegal Art but on this album you swiped the most famously sued song to sample another song ever: The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”. Were you not scared that The Verve would find out and take out all the pain and anguish from the loss of millions of pounds at the hands of wrinkly Mick and walking zombie Keith on poor little old you in Pittsburgh?

Girl Talk’s album

is out on Illegal Art in February.