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Scary Photos for Scary Times

In this scariest of seasons—the final run-up to the interminable train wreck of a US presidential campaign—oh, and also Halloween—horror imagery is everywhere. In honor of these spooky times, I present you with some scary, previously unpublished...
Κείμενο Bruce LaBruce

In this scariest of seasons—the final run-up to the interminable train wreck of a US presidential campaign—oh, and also Halloween—horror imagery is everywhere. A “monster” of a hurricane that the media continually characterizes as “stalking” the east coast, variously dubbed “Frankenstorm” and “Bride of Frankenstorm,” is making the merely Biblical Hurricane Isaac that disrupted the Republican national convention in Florida a few months ago look like a pussy. And as if the dog and pony show—or elephant and donkey show—that is the presidential election weren’t scary enough, both candidates have been compared to a variety of monsters: Obama as a monster in general, or a zombie, or Hitler; and Romney as a zombie, or Herman Munster (with his running mate, Paul Ryan, in the Eddie Munster role), or, most popularly in the meme-osphere, a creepy robot. The media has also reported that Obama masks have outsold Romney masks for Halloween 60 to 40 percent, which either indicates Obama is more popular, or considered more monstrous. If the latter is true, it’s because he seems to be presiding over a zombie economy and a zombie Congress.

So as the monster storm bears down on Washington as some kind of divine retribution for wasting the precious little time we have before the real upcoming apocalypse that has been penciled in for December 21, 2012, I present you with some scary, previously unpublished imagery that I’ve dug up from my digital photo collection. Happy Halloween.

I forget who’s Mummy this is, but she looks pretty rad.

One of the many cute guys that often show up at screenings as Otto, the zombie character from my movie “Otto; or, Up with Dead People”

A gory leg from my movie L.A. Zombie. F/X by Joe Castro.

Me holding the scary fake alien zombie cock from my movie L.A. Zombie as a dog eyes the bone.

From an installation I did at my gallery Peres Projects in LA in 2010.

Insane clown posses are always scary, especially when they’re young and cute.

No one in this election could surpass the shrieking horror of Sarah Palin.

This sign represents true horror for straight males who aren’t in touch with their assholes.

Vampire Lesbos.

Cute zombie girls are all the rage.

I have no idea whose costume this was, but it must have been pretty scary.

Body parts on the set of my zombie movie, Otto.

Bloody set from Otto.

The gay zombies from Otto scared a lot of straight horror geeks.

Smoking zombie on the set of Otto.

The Deutschmark died in 2001, ushering in the Eurozone. What could be more terrifying?!

A scary screen capture from one of my favorite horror movies, I Walked with a Zombie.

A snapshot of a rat on a pizza in John Waters’ house.

Don’t ask me where I ran into this mummified cat.

Bondage is always scary, as demonstrated from this publicity still from the upcoming film version of Fifty Shades of Gray.

Brilliant German horror director Jorg Buttgereit (Necromantik) in the offices of horror mag Rue Morgue in Toronto.

A frightening fellow in the Rue Morgue offices.

Family plot.

The aftermath of a performance I did at Gallery 1313 in Toronto.

The late, great Toronto artist Will Munro, who always loved Halloween.

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