This story is over 5 years old.


Vice Fashion - Guys! Guys! Guys!

Photos by Jamie-James Medina & James Pearson-Howes

Peter (left) wears:
Shirt by Split
Jeans by Split
T-shirt by Mambo
Shoes model's own
Phone Casio Edifice 308D
Underpants by Jockey Sam (right) wears:
Shirt by Fred Perry
Jeans by Spwk
Trainers by Creative Recreation
Sunglasses by Von Zipper
Watch by Casio
Phone by Motorola
Hair products by Boxfresh

Wade (left) wears:
Polo shirt by Mambo
Trousers by Hurley
Chrome watch by Casio
Shoes by Aido
Phone by Motorola
Body spray by Boxfresh
Underpants by Jockey Dominic (right) wears:
Jacket by Muji
Jeans by Levi's
Polo shirt by Lacoste
Camera by Casio (Exilim EX-Z40)
Burgers, chips and combo platter by The Elbow Rooms, Curtain Road, London

Tom wears:
Cardigan by Thomas Burberry
Jeans by Spwk
Shoes by Aldo
Hair products by Boxfresh

Tom wears:
Rollerblades by Roces
Jeans by Split
T-shirt by Westbeach
Hoodie by Mambo
570 GB iPod by Apple
Girl's bag by Manhattan Portage