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Brothers Michael and Dean Cross Guns and their friend Clinton Horn are three young Blackfeet men who took a little time to tell you what makes them tick.
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Blackfeet Boys Tell All

Brothers Michael and Dean Cross Guns and their friend Clinton Horn are three young Blackfeet men who took a little time to tell you what makes them tick…

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Dean Cross Guns

Fave Movie: War of the Worlds. The aliens are amazing. It’s just a good show. And Tom Cruise played a perfect character. He wasn’t all macho or anything—just a normal father.

Fave Band: Nickelback. They have some really good songs for me and my girlfriend, Molly. We’ve got in a couple fights and the music is like pretty precise on everything, and it just makes us fall in love again, I guess. Right now she is down in Texas working for FEMA.


Fave Rapper: I kind of like the old-school hip-hop stuff. The earlier days. I really can’t think of any names off the top of my head. But I also like this 50 Cent guy. I actually want to play his game.

Fave Actor: That’s a tough one. I’m into action and everything, but I think the greatest actor of all time would have to be Tom Hanks, like in Saving Private Ryan. I love that movie. I actually have two DVDs of it. I thought my first one was lost, but I was lazy and didn’t really look around too hard, so I bought another copy.

Fave Actress: Jennifer Garner as Elektra. There are a lot of cool female actors out there, but she’s just perfect. I like her in Daredevil too.

Fave Food: Mashed potatoes and rib-eye steak, medium rare.

Fave Drink: Pepsi. I just love Pepsi.

Dream Vacation Spot: If I were to just go somewhere for shits and giggles, I’d have to say somewhere on a coast. You know, one where there’s no danger of hurricanes or tidal waves or a volcano. OK, I lied. Alaska. I’ve always wanted to work up there, on the oilrigs out in the middle of nowhere on the North Slope.

Fave Thing About Living on the Rez: My tradition and how I grew up. The stories about our land and our people. We’re proud to be who we are. Plus my family is up here.

Least Fave Thing About Living on the Rez: There is not enough work for us. In order to work I had to go to Colorado. I had a nice time down there doing seismography for the oil fields, but I certainly missed my family.


Fave Thing About Being Blackfeet: People are so interested in us. They see all these other Indians, but we’re the farthest-north Indians. And we’re all tall, you know? We’re like giants. It isn’t like we go around bragging things up; it’s just when people ask, I give them the truth, because if you don’t tell the truth it always comes back on you. You look like an idiot.

Least Fave Thing About Being Blackfeet: No regrets.

Michael Cross Guns

Fave Movie: Star Wars Episode 3. I like the Jedi, man. They all die except for the bad guy.

Fave Band: That’d have to be System of a Down. They’re like an intermediate metal band, not too hardcore. Just intermediate.

Fave Song: That brand-new Eminem song they just had coming out. Ah, what’s it called? I just heard it last night. I can’t remember its name but it’s a pretty cool one.

Fave Rapper: I have to say Eminem. I like that he’s got his own shit, you know? He’s rebellious; he ain’t afraid to do his own thing. I think that’s pretty cool.

Fave Actor: Johnny Depp. He can act as anybody or impersonate anything. One of his best parts is in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas at the beginning, when he’s freaking out about the bats going into the desert.

Fave Actress: Charlize Theron. I loved Aeon Flux. I want to get the animated version, too.

Fave Food: Just a regular pepperoni pizza, man.

Fave Drink: Powerade, I drink those every day. Green Squall is my favorite flavor.


Dream Vacation Spot: I’d go to Brazil. It’s South America—it’s the best place in the world. I did a few reports on that country, so I know a little bit about the best beaches there. And Brazilian girls? Hell yeah.

Fave Thing About Living on the Rez: The best thing about it is I work around my family and all. I just now started working at the Town Pump. Least Fave Thing About Living on the Rez: The weather.

Fave Thing About Being Blackfeet: Going to the powwows. I sing Indian with my grandpa Floyd. When I was growing up, they’d always get together to sing. And when someone was sick I’d just jump in and sing along. My grandpa was always singing.

Least Fave Thing About Being Blackfeet: I can’t think of anything really bad about us. Just be on your toes here and you’ll be all right.

Clinton Horn

Fave Movie: That’s kind of a hard one. I really like comedies, so I’d have to say Trading Places or Coming to America. Eddie Murphy is nuts.

Fave Band: Led Zeppelin. My favorite song is “Hey, Hey What Can I Do?” It wasn’t on any of their albums. It was a B-side to one of their singles.

Fave Rapper: Tupac. He’s real. He’s actually really smart—people don’t always acknowledge that. The cool thing is he made all these records before he died that are coming out now. I’ve read a lot of shit about it, and I guess he kind of knew he was going to die, and that’s what I find cool. I don’t really feel Biggie that much. Fuck Bad Boy and all their bling bling and shit. It’s all they really talk about. But you know, I want them to fucking talk to me. I’m a lower-class dude. Fave Actor: Hmm… I guess I don’t have one.


Fave Actress: There are too many beautiful actresses to choose one. But right now I’d say Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux. I saw that out in Great Falls. It made a lot more sense than the cartoon.

Fave Food: Cheeseburgers and pizza.

Fave Drink: Powerade. I’m not racist against any color; I like all the flavors.

Dream Vacation Spot: Amsterdam. You know it. I’d like to go to the Cannabis Cup. It’s legal over there. You can try all different kinds for sale or just to try out. They have free samples.

Fave Thing About Living on the Rez: We got the best land of all. We’ve got mountains; we’ve got plains; and we get all weathers.

Least Fave Thing About Living on the Rez: Everybody’s out for their own thing. Nobody’s out to help people. They get money for themselves and then it’s like to hell with other people. “I got mine, get yours.”

Fave Thing About Being Blackfeet: I take a lot of pride in being Blackfeet, especially from my grandpa. He told us a lot of stories. You don’t see many Blackfeet stories in books. That’s because we’re a vicious tribe. We were strong, and we still are strong. Straight-up warriors.

Least Fave Thing About Being Blackfeet: I love being Blackfeet. There’s no frustrations. Life’s stressful only if you make it.