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Big Liars

Sophisticated North Island action.
Κείμενο Pink Lady

Photo by Briony Wright

So, I don’t know the first thing about New Zealand. All I’ve got is sheep, green hills and the Datsuns and out of those three I’m sticking with the sheep (sorry John). Then, out of nowhere The Mint Chicks show up and make us realise that we really should have looked harder. So what’s going on in Auckland? Kody: Ahh, not that much. Ruben: It’s a lot like Melbourne but smaller and not that good. So in the media training that your label gave you, what sort of shit did they tell you not to say? Kody: They told us not to be stupid. Ruben: The reason they put us on the media training is because for the first interview that we did on tv, we just told lies. What lies? Ruben: We said that we were never signed to Flying Nun. And there’s this thing called the b.Net Music Awards that we were nominated for and said that we had never heard of them and then we told them we were going to quit the band and fuck off to Hawaii and learn to surf. So what’s going on with the whole shy, emo not talking off stage but being a fucking lunatic and swearing at the crowd on stage thing? Ruben: I dunno. I talk. PINK LADY