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The Animals Issue

VICE Fashion - Girls And Their Animals

Photos by Vice Staff, Styling by Stephanie Trong.
Κείμενο VICE Staff
Vice Staff

Photography: Vice Staff

Styling: Stephanie Trong

Makeup: Mokoto Nakai

Makeup Assistant: Tomomi Yoshida


Sophie and Bibi: I’ve had Bibi since I was two. It’s a dog that used to be pink and white but now it’s gray with only one ear and one functioning eye. Live Mechanics sweatshirt; Imitation of Christ dress; BittersweetsNY silver human-heart necklace; gold necklaces, anklet, and underwear model’s own Ruby and Bookie: My bear’s name is Bookie. I have had her since I was in kindergarten. I used to get chronic strep throat when I was little and Bookie was always in the line of fire for the puke. She got washed constantly, which is why she’s so soft now, I guess. Covet sweater; Triko shirt; Built By Wendy shorts; A.P.C. scarf; Nike shoes; BittersweetsNY maggot necklace Jessica and Woofey: I’ve had my Woofey since I was about eight years old. I have slept with him every night since then. For an old dog he is pretty fucking clean. I love him. A.P.C. Madras Butterfly dress; Built By Wendy two-layer shirt; Chanel necklace; belt, tights, and shoes stylist’s own. Leila and Monkey and Tiger: Tiger’s real name, according to his tag, is Lola. Whenever I wake up, Tiger and Monkey are in a compromising position together. I kind of assumed they were a gay couple but when I saw that Tiger’s real name is Lola I knew they were hetero. Puma top; Mavi skirt; Tara Subkoff for Easy Spirit shoes; jewelry model’s own Ashley and Tubby: I got Tubby when I was five or six at a drugstore in Austin. He is totally falling apart in the back. He’s been mended numerous times. Mavi jean jacket; Recon T-shirt; Y-3 belt; BittersweetsNY earthworm necklace; scarf, tights, and boots stylist’s own Janice and Froggy: Don’t mess with me or Froggy. Froggy’s been known to stalk and hunt down anybody who’s done us any wrong since I was seven years old. Madsoul button-up; American Apparel white tank dress; Guess black long-sleeved shirt; Paul Frank watch; necklace, tights, and boots stylist’s own Kelley and Chuck: I got Chuck from my mom in eighth grade, when I was 13 years old, for Easter. Chuck might have the cutest butt of any stuffed animal ever. It’s so round… I constantly play with it. Adidas sweater; V.P.L. dress; 55DSL tank; Meltin’ Pot leg warmers; tights, boots, and earrings stylist’s own Sally and Chou-chou: I’ve had Chou-chou for at least 20 years, since my trip to Japan when I was little. Never washed him. I once had a terrible skin allergy because of him. As Four dress; Bruno Frisoni shoes; clutch model’s own Melody and Bentley: Bentley is 18 years old. You can do this really cute thing where you push his nose in and he looks like a koala. To this day I can’t decide if that’s mean or not. Sofia Coppola for Lutz & Patmos dress and belt; Y-3 shawl; necklace and shoes model’s own