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05 Μάιος 2011, 12:42pm

via Sk8face

Long before Deathbowl to Downtown there was another documentary about skating in New York City called Apple Juice. I don't want to sound like a sentimental fag or anything, but this video is about as special as they come in Skate History Land. It captures the day to day life of skating in New York at a time when the oldest skateboarders in the city were about 20.

Apple Juice was made by the dudes at the legendary Skate NYC shop in 1990. It was thought to be lost forever until recently, when it was unearthed from a dusty storage space somewhere in the city. Now it's online for skate dweebs and old men to freak out over for generations to come.

Aside from the fact that this eight-minute nugget of gold features Harold Hunter and his pals skating the Brooklyn Banks and the World Trade Center (fuck Osama), this thing is worth a peek because it's the first time skaters are talking about what skating is on film. Sorry, I know that's totally nerdy, but it's true. The narrator, Steve Schwartz, sums it up nicely, "To me it's a really remarkable phenomenon that you can have kids doing this thing that is essentially a sport but translates into so much else."

Below are a few photos of Skate NYC from