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The 4-ACO-DMT Issue

"A Giant Chinese Finger Trap Made Of Rainbows..." - Part 1

I have spent the last year of my life on an exhausting psychedelic journey.
Κείμενο D. H. Ticklish



Dose: oral 140 mg, nasal 100 mg
My proposed street name: Christ There is a cult/church on the Lower East Side of New York called the Temple of the True Inner Light that has been taking this drug as the Eucharist for the last 30 years. Apparently it’s tough to join because they already have enough people willing to participate in Holy Communions where they smoke Christ’s psychedelic flesh out of a communal pipe instead of eating a flavorless wafer. Understandable. The first time I snorted DPT it terrified me so much I felt like I had just railed a line of haunted houses. Eyeballs were peeping out of everything around me and when I looked up I saw a giant Chinese finger trap made of rainbows try to suck me into the sky. Also, snorting it was so painful it made me cry. I would rather snort a handful of sand.


Dose: oral 12 mg

My proposed street name: Heat Stroke



Dose: oral 24 mg

My proposed street name: The Greatest Drug in the World (some people call it Aurora but that’ll never catch on.)

Dose: oral 3 mg

My proposed street name: DOC Feelgood


Dose: smoked 5 mg, nasal 15 mg

My proposed street name: Crystal Death



Dose: oral 22 mg
My proposed street name: 7-Up Another psychedelic amphetamine that is totally synthetic and never gained any significant level of popularity in the United States. Around 2001 a couple of suburban teens overdosed on it and the DEA immediately put it in the same legal schedule as heroin. Last time I took 2C-T-7, the moment I began to hallucinate I decided to get on a cheap, Chinese-immigrant-run bus to a city that is five hours away from where I live. I closed myself in the bathroom and pretended I was time-traveling in a septic tank, and when we arrived at our destination the driver had to pry open the bathroom door.

Dose: oral 40 mg

My proposed street name: Jaw Clench Vomit Powder



Dose: oral 17 mg

My proposed street name: C-Esspool

Dose: oral 70 mg

My proposed street name: Dipthong



My proposed street name: