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It seems like shit is finally coming together for the grime kids.
Κείμενο Pat Parsons

Ears at Vice's Berlin party.

We found this in Berlin. It sounds TOTALLY different to the stuff he releases on 679

Miquita Oliver from Popworld

IN THE SAME MONTH VICE THREW A HUGE PARTY WITH D Double E, Ears and Jammer in Berlin, it seems like shit is finally coming together for the grime kids. The scene is moving in every direction. There's the Mitchell Bros breaking Grime onto MTV with the help of Mikey Skinner and D Double E (who is being circled by major label vultures as we speak) is being courted by labels and even having his portrait painted by some Berlin kids. But the mainstream is on it too—"Hype Hype" by SLK is even getting heavy rotation in ASDA stores across the country, Grimewatch heard it there twice one Saturday and almost dropped the pair of George sneakers hidden under our jacket (SLK also have their own "Hype Hype" email video game out, but it's fucking WACK). With supermarkets and style mags on lock—grime then set its sights on breakfast TV. Sovereign was repping on GMTV, then they called her a "girl chav" version of Eminem. Why didn't you just come out with it and laugh in her face for being poor and underprivileged? Meanwhile over on T4, Kano kept it real, refusing to be interviewed on



with Grimewatch's number one babygirl, Miquita, because they wanted to do "in a canoe with Kano"… but he did perform "Typical Me", and murked it. With the TV box ticked, grime is now taking on the final frontier: commercial radio. Logan's one-off shows on Kiss 100 boosted that slot's listening figures by 75% and they're still not sure if they should give the dude a full-time spot. Why not do your bit for grime and help those fools out—email the head honcho telling him how much you think Logan needs a show right the fuck now, which would finally get Kiss back in touch with a "Fun Young London". Geezers in white vans who like trance mixes of Christina Aguilera and WKD Blue are not fun, or even that young, but the millions of kids bang into grime are. Radio 1—you're next. The guest spots on Westwood are no longer enough, bring Cameo through now! Punks!!! Speaking of Westwood, Fury was up there murking, her new mixtape with Stormin' is also big and she's making serious moves with Corey Johnson from Defenders. So the only place left untouched by grime is the world of gigs and concerts, but it's already being dealt with. Kano's set to smash the festival circuit all summer long, and


are running a huge second stage at The Urban Music Festival at Earl's Court, strictly for all the grime kids to come through. So basically everything is fucking gravy.

Only problem is, back on road, no one cares about all that shit, 'cos right now murking season is in full swing. Roll Deep and Fire Camp are still slewing it out, Fumin called out Wiley saying, "


Kylie I've just got a text, it's ur mum, she says she wants sex.

" Big mistake, junior. Trim heard it and instantly destroyed young Fumes with: "

LISTENNN! LISTENNN!!! Don't this sound amusin! Lethal B wants me to clash Fumin! They don't want beef wit me they can't move to Trim! Fuck Lethal B and the freckle face thing that moves wit him!!!!

" Ghetto has been sending for Napper, and the Fire Youngers got boyed off as well, this time by Younger Nasty, with Shorty Smalls taking out Lightning in a fashion. Lethal is pissed at Wiley and Jammer 'cos he thinks one of 'em nicked the unfinished version of "Forward 2" (which is the most fucking amazing insane intense record EVER) from Commander B's studio and put it on the net, but Lethal just got an album deal with Virgin so he should relax. Jammer says he didn't do it and we believe him. He's been too busy releasing five records at once, remixing Ms Dynamite's bro Akala and Sovereign, plus Lil Jon wants to work with him (even though Demon apparently tried to teef his pimp cup when he was over) AND he's going to New York to meet Puff Daddy or something. But he still swapped us a copy of "Right Hooks" for a Vodka Mudshake. Sweet. We don't see how Wiley could have done it either; he's been too busy making one of his best records ever, "Shoulda Seen It Coming", with 17-year-old producer Miss Beats. While we're on the subject of producers, Dexplicit has to get a mention. The producer of "Forward", "Forward 2" and "No!" is on smash, so much so Diplomats have put his track with SAS on the new Byrd Gang mixtape

Who Dares Wins

. Downside is it's a hip hop track and not nearly as good as his grimy shit, but he deserves props still. Now all we need is J.R. Writer to come spit on a DaVinChe beat. So in a nutshell, grime is no longer the shit on the bottom of Dizzee's customised Air 180, and if things stay this good, Prince Charles will probably be shocking out to "Bongo Eyes" at his wedding. Out!