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Vice Fashion - Suspended

Photos by Jamie-James Medina
Κείμενο Jamie-James Medina

PHOTOS: Jamie-James Medina
ASSISTED BY: Shireena Facey
Special thanks to Marcus Nasty. and his mum

Scum Dave from Wileout Onez Crew wears white shell suit by ADIDAS

Left: Grey sleeveless hoody by NIKE available at SIZE?, white logo t-shirt by FUBU, jeans by MAMBO light brown ‘Gantrai', trainers by ONITSUKA TIGER Middle: Black shell pants by ADIDAS Right: White shell pants by ADIDAS, white ‘Trinomic' trainers by PUMA


Name: Brutal—Mentally Ill Crew
Age: 13
"I was suspended when we made a website for our crew,, and there was this section called ‘Exposure', and it said stuff about some of the girls we knewt. One of the girl's cousins tried it with us, but he got air anyway."

Favourite Subjects: Maths & PE Name: Big Will—Mentally Ill Crew
Age: 13
"One time some girl was cussing my height, so I went to get eggs and threw them at her head. She called the police and gave a statement, but she dropped the charges. But when school found out I got suspended."

Favourite Subjects: English, PE and Music. Name: Griminal—Mentally Ill Crew
Age: 13
"They sent me to this like rehabilitation place for bad people, they try and change you but really it's like a youth club. But I went back to school still. You can't stop Griminal."
Favourite Subject: Science. I like body parts.

Right: Blue logo t-shirt by NIKE available at SIZE?, Indigo star hole hoody by WALE ADEYEMI

Name: Maxine
Age: 17
"I've been expelled from four different schools because of bunking and behavioural problems. They just didn't want me there and I didn't want to learn either… until last year. Now I want to become a solicitor. My favourite subject at school was maths. I like playing with money. I'll go back to college as soon as I can get my little fellow into a nursery."
Favourite Subjects: Maths Name: Thomas aka Thunder-K from Wileout Onez Crew
Age: 17
"I've been excluded from school about 4 times now. It was for the usual random shit. I've done the whole school thing but I've got nothing now."
Favourite Subjects: PE Maxine and Thomas have a 16-month-old son.


Left: Blue Fubu jacket, blue NIKE t-shirt available at SIZE?, jeans by G-SUS, trainers by NIKE.
Right: clothes model's own

Name: Blizzard—Mentally Ill Crew (left)
Age: 13
"There was a boy called Wak. Wwe was in music class and he started saying ‘yeah, your dad' and that yeah, so me Griminal and Cynical started saying ‘Wack Ass' to him all the time and he must have told his brother. His brother tried it, and then I got suspended. But I hid the letter and just went to school everyday anyway and hid from the teachers. I didn't care."
Favourite Subjects: English, PE and Music.

Left: Red t-shirt by CROOKED TONGUES, jeans by 55 DSL, white trainers by SPX
Right: black track top by PUMA, black jeans by ECKO, black and white ‘Utimate 81' trainers by ONISUKA TIGER

Name: Cynical—Mentally Ill Crew (right)
Age: 13
"I had fight with some boy. I must have been walking home, and he just tried it like, he threw a piece of chicken at me. My friends drove by on the bus and saw and thought I was crying, but I wasn't crying, it was tears of anger. So they jumped off and we followed the boy to his house, but he saw us and got his friends and they went and got tools. Usually when we say tools we mean knives and that, but they actually got tools. Hammers and everything."
Favourite Subjects: Technology

Lee aka MC Discarda from Wileout Onez (above)

Age: 17

"I've been expelled from 3 different schools for carrying knives, smoking, fighting teachers and students. The usual shit, everyone here's been expelled from school. In mixed schools misbehaviour is the worst I think. When a teacher tells you off in front of a bunch of girls it's quite obvious you're not going to let this happen like that. I left school last year but I've got no qualifications at all."

Favourite Subjects: