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The Block Island Goth Newsletter: Summer 2012

In celebration of World Goth Day, photophobics everywhere are taking to the streets to share their lives of darkness and virginity with day-dwellers. For our part, we are posting this newsletter.

Today is World Goth Day. In celebration, vampires and photophobics the world over are taking to the streets to share their lives of darkness and virginity with day-dwellers. In honor of this subterranean holiday, VICE is pleased to publish the Block Island Goth Newsletter’s summer 2012 edition.

Dreadful greetings, dark ones. Beltane has passed. World Goth Day is upon us and the treacherous season of solar poisoning begins, bringing eternal sadness for three months. The foghorns summon us and we march slowly to Halloween.


But first an item of grave importance must be addressed. For years members of our bleak community have been at odds with the members of the industrial community; and division over what constitutes each form of music and lifestyle has only brought harm to both sides. (United, we can stand strong against the chilling spindrift brought by those preppie DMB zealots from Connecticut and Montauk.) But even more vexing is our long-standing cold war with Nantucket; even though it has been bred in us to hate them for generations, we must put this aggression behind us and look forward.

As such, I advocate that we end our blood feud with The Nantucket Industrial Nation Newsletter. As founder and editor I am calling for the BIG N to merge with N.I.N.N.!

We must consider our future in the Northeast and on the Block: given our respective numbers it is something we can all benefit from. We can all love Bauhaus and Funker Vogt, just as we can learn to love people from Nantucket (who are called “Nantucketers” and not the other names some of you have been using). Todd-13 from N.I.N.N. will be visiting, and we will be discussing this over red wine at Dead Eye Dick's. One thing we really need to consider is what to call our newsletter if and when we merge. Interested parties who are going to take this seriously are encouraged to attend and be on their best behavior.

Related: The gathering last Saturday in New Harbor on the afternoon of the Snow’s ChowderFest was imprudent. There has been lots of activity in the BIG N Forum about who’s to blame for the dust-up, but the best course of action for us is simply better planning. Raven Foxglove is out of the hospital and recovering nicely, but more importantly, Stan the Balloon-Guy was released with minor scratches and has agreed not to press charges. BI is a small community and we must work harder at mixing with locals who don’t share our views. (The good news is that those pretentious pricks from Newport had to settle for Last Place once again because no one around here likes their crummy chowder.)


More tragic news: First we lost Mistress Caralee Darkmorningstar and Lady Denee last fall (to FIT and RISD), and now it is with heavy heart that I must announce the passing of our brother, Wendigo Nightshade. Those who wish to mourn him are invited to join us for a sunset ceremony at Payne's Dock on 133 Ocean Avenue. In his new life our beloved twin flame will revert to his given name, Olin James Iselin, and work as the first mate on The Screaming Lobster, sailing from BI to BVI. Alcohol will be served. (His whole family will be there, so easy on the makeup, Emil.)

Art! The Annual Reading & Painting Series will take place at The Block Island Artist Guild Fair, August 11 and 12. This year’s theme is “Poe/Gogh.” Participants are invited to paint scenes from significant works of Edgar Allen Poe in the style of Van Gogh, which are sold to benefit The Artists’ Guild. With such dark stories to choose from, this year should be more exciting than last year’s “Action Jacksons” (which featured themes of Lillian Jackson Braun in the style of Jackson Pollock). If you wish to participate please contact Ms. Allegra Despair Fallingwillow at the Artists’ Guild at the Historical Society.

Music! After some convincing, acoustic troubadour Jimmy McIntyre, who plays at Captain Nick’s Rock N’Roll Bar and Mahogany Shoals, has agreed to play some music for BIG N readers. I can report that Jimmy is learning “Ignore The Machine” and “Lucretia, My Reflection,” but he’ll only be performing these when he’s at The Stern Chaser. Obviously this is because Sonya Death-Periwinkle tends bar there and talked him into it. So when you’re meeting up with friends from the mainland this summer, be sure to thank her. I’m obligated to mention that $1.00 “Bacardi Bilge Water Shots” are available all night long Sundays through Thursdays; and the two-for-one Pirate Colada and Blackout Margarita Happy Hour specials are back, seven nights a week!

Film! And finally, on September 4, there will be a 9:00PM viewing of The Crow at Rodman’s Hollow (near Mohegan Bluffs), to kick off our two month Halloween celebration! So until the light leaves us and wind turns cold: fare thee well (and hang in there my pretties)!

Persephone Astryx Wolfmoon, editor

P.S. No, we are not on Twitter. Real Goths don’t Tweet.