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Get Zucked

Brogramming hard at Thefacebook bungalow in 2004.

In early September 2004, Northwestern University student Ryan Bradley drove to Palo Alto to hang out with Zuckerberg and co. at their brogrammer bungalow to write a profile about them for The Passenger, a magazine his friends had started. Thefacebook was an obvious topic: another college-friend project that was already spreading like a virus across America’s campuses; by then fewer than 200 colleges had been invited to join.


After a back-and-forth with Dustin Moskovitz, a roommate of Zuckerberg’s at Harvard who had also moved out to Palo Alto, Bradley arrived at the house, during what Moskovitz said would be “the most intense week of Thefacebook’s existence (a reporter’s dream),” an unending hack-a-thon in advance of the new school year. It was a year that the Facebook guys had already decided to skip, forever. There were beer cans and fast food wrappers and the detritus of a party all over, and at the center of the maelstrom there were four young men, plugging away on their laptops. Neither Moscowitz nor Zuckerberg were yet old enough to legally drink. Here’s a bit of Bradley’s account.

Zuck himself was an indication of things to come. A kid who, friends say, gets so absorbed in his little ideas that he forgets to eat or sleep and rarely leaves his slouched, edge-of-seat position in front of his laptop until his little idea is manifested or dropped. Most are dropped, or passed around through his group of friends and never released to the public.

A kid who, in an interview with the Harvard Crimson, said of his little facebook idea: “I do stuff like this all the time. Thefacebook literally took me a week to make.”

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