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The Art Issue

Out Of My Head

Tim Lokiec's art is inspired by "third and fourth plateau consciousnesses" - whatever that means.
VICE Staff
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: Go Korean


: Tim Lokiec




: Screenprint


: $400

Tim Lokiec is a wide-eyed young man from Cleveland. His art is equally inspired by “third and fourth plateau consciousnesses, animals, tree houses, kidnapping, intercepted messages via plateau sigma, neon trash, and T. Rex.” In other words, he is high. Although he uses a lot of pen and markers, our favorite are his silk screens, beautifully evidenced by the triple-printed mindfuck pictured here. In this and his other works, Tim depicts a world that encompasses everything from Xanadu-like lost cities to Muppet Show monsters lingering menacingly in cafeterias. Tim lives in New York, but he hates it. “It’s too dirty and the people are too retarded and it’s too expensive and the fruit is rotten,” he whines. That is why Tim is offering guided tours into his brain, complete with 3-D glasses and a bong. VICE STAFF