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In Dog We Trust

In Dog We Trust is the ripe fruit plucked from the tree of the mutual interests of two hardcore kids from Barcelona. It's a book of just hardcore and dogs. Sometimes life is simple.
Κείμενο Paul Geddis

Pablo Tregebov and Alejandra Nuñez are two hardcore kids from Barcelona with the kind of tattoos that at first baffle, and then make you simmer with jealousy that you didn't have the imagination or the balls to pull off. Like what? Like a kid's drawing of a pair of boobs on your upper arm. Moving forward, they also have a thing about dogs. In Dog We Trust is the ripe fruit plucked from the tree of their mutual interests, which are hardcore and dogs, in case you haven't been paying attention. It's 40 full-color pages of canine photos, interspersed with interviews with a few people you should already know about (Jenna from Mika Miko, Patrick O'Dell, and Lewis Chaplin, among others), discussing their quadroped buddies. It seems that so much cuteness has taken a bit of a toll on their friendship, so in true matchmaking style, we asked Pablo to interview Alejandra on the eve of its release. Pablo: Hi Alejandra. What are you up to? Alejandra: Watching Tro licking his balls. How do you feel now we've finally finished this fucking thing? It's like a weight lifted. I wasn't sleeping at night… It was making me a bit crazy. So what's your favorite part? I don't know. What do you like about it? Maybe the interview with Damien from Fucked Up. Oh and the story about Judd from Sex/Vid's dog, Poncho Ponchito. Are we going to do another one? I doubt it. And definitely not in color. Do you feel bad about stealing the idea from Ben Rayner? Fuck off. You know as well as i do that we only found out about his book when our zine was half finished. Did he ever send us a copy of that? No.