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Come See All the Weird Art Mike Diana Was Ordered to Stop Drawing

Mike Diana was the first artist to get convicted of obscenity in the United States, so you know his stuff is good. Tonight and tomorrow there'll be a big party celebrating his work at Superchief Gallery in Manhattan, and if you're around, we urge you...
VICE Staff
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Mike Diana has been drawing depraved stuff for about 40 years. (He's 44 now, and we figured it took him about four years from his birth to learn how to walk and use his hands and stuff.) His work is funny, strange, shocking, and deals with many modern topics like sex, violence, drugs, and religion—you can find a lot of it in his comic, Boiled Angel. Mike's main claim to fame comes from back in the early 90s, when a Florida prosecutor saw some of Mike's work and decided that he might have committed a murder. Mike got investigated by the FBI, had his house destroyed by the fire department, was blamed for a string of serial killings (seriously), and was sued for about six times more than his worth. He was the first artist to ever be convicted of obscenity in the US. After all that, he kept on drawing.

Tonight Superchief Gallery at Culturefix will present Mike Diana’s new book of comics, America, along with an exhibition of the work he's done over the past 20 years. On Thursday, in celebration of the country that has gone to such great length's to suppress his creativity, Mike will be having a party at the gallery—there'll be live drawings and he'll sign stuff for the masses. Come down and see what all the fuss is about. We would show you more of Mike's pictures, but we don't want to get in trouble, too.

Mike Diana's America Book Release and Independence Day Party
July 3-4
Superchief Gallery
9 Clinton Street, New York City