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Question of the Day - What Will Toilets in the Future Be Like?

What will futuristic shitters look like? How will the toilets of tomorrow work? What did the Jetsons poop into when they left the room? Here are some people's suggestions, accompanied by drawings that they did for us.
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Everyone enjoys a bit of toilet humor. Shit. Cock. Balls. Fanny. Hahahaha, see? It turns out even multibillionaire super-nerd, Bill Gates is a fan. Last week, the Bill Gates Foundation awarded $100,000 to the California Institute of Technology for their prototype of a shitter that turns poo into energy. Except this isn’t a joke, this is real. It might also be solar-powered. So what will these futuristic lavvies look like? How will the toilet of tomorrow work? What did you imagine the Jetsons pissed into when they left the room? Here are some people's suggestions, accompanied by drawings that they did for us (you can't really see them, but as long as you can read, you'll get the gist). Sophie, 18: Well I think the first thing would be an inflatable seat. And it would have to have feet like the ones that baths have. Like the little paws?
Yeah, and a hand that comes out of the back and gives head massages. This would be especially useful when you’re feeling hungover. What about some entertainment?
Maybe a megaphone here that gives news updates. And I think it should have a secret compartment to hide a bottle of brandy and a packet of cigarettes. And a hidden liquid dispenser, so when someone flushes the toilet, bubbles will spill out everywhere. Bubbles of shit :( Matthew (left) and Raoul. Raoul: See how cats always land on their feet and toast always lands butter-side down? If you tape some toast to a cat, they’ll be continually spinning around. And that will power the flush?
Yeah, you use it like a generator. Cats don’t like water, though. That would be a very unhappy cat.
Sometimes you’ve gotta make sacrifices.


Matthew: How would you feel about having your excrement sucked from you? So you wouldn’t even have to push, just open your sphincter?
Yeah, you could just sit there, you wouldn’t even need to wash your hands. Chris, security guard (left) and Tyler, lifeguard. Chris: Furry seat. Almost like sitting on a lion or something?
And it could have a little bookshelf, with graphic novels. It looks a bit like a Pac-Man at the moment.
Faye, 26, actress: It’s going to have wings. It will fly so you can take it with you. It will just hover above you. That’s always useful.
What else? Maybe a little fridge on the side for snacks. I'm not even gonna ask what kind of snacks you eat while you're shitting. Joanna, 27, loan officer: There’d need to be something to convert the urine into some kind of energized gas, which gets pumped into a turbine. Then does the gas just come out into the air?
No, it goes into some factory. So it’s renewable and stuff.

Angela, art director: Let’s think about mixing the toilet with some kind of designer chair. Like one of those circular chairs that looks like a ball?
Yeah, or a diamond. I’m not sure if it’s practical. I guess you would sit somewhere in the middle. Then there’s a little hole here. Where does it all go?
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