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Vice Fashion - The Mentally Ill Issue

Fashion for the mentally ill.
Κείμενο Tim Barber

Photos by Tim Barber

Janie: She was one of the nicest people we met at WilPower (we even saw her at her group home in Skokie, Illinois, too). She isn't exactly a chatterbox, though. All that she would say to us was (in a tiny, quiet voice), "Hi" and "No thanks."

Shirt by American Apparel, velour track pants by Talbot's

Brian: "Mental illness is not something that can be held against the person who has it. We have no choice. The only choice someone with a mental illness has in the matter is whether they go out and seek help."


Jean jacket by GSUS, shirt by Rogan, pants by Boxfresh

Amy: "Right now I am looking for a job. I want to find a fun one working with children, or doing sales or stock. Something rewarding, like working with people and getting good benefits."

Jacket by DNM Kings, shirt by OP, pants by Jordache

Beth: "I was diagnosed with major depression when I was about 14, and I made a suicide attempt in high school. I went into the hospital and for eight months I was catatonic. I didn't get out of bed. From there I ran away from home and was basically on the streets, living in abandoned buildings until I got on public aid and entered day programs. Now I'm working here at WilPower, counseling patients through a recovery program. I love helping people. With my depression, I also got extreme sensitivity. That carries over into caring for others."

Shirt by Boxfresh, bag by Loomstate, scarf and pants model's own

Rob: If this issue of Vice were Ocean's 12, Rob Logan would be George Clooney. Just look at pages 46, 47, 64, 92, and the other music features.

Sweatshirt by Circa, vest by Recon, jeans by Meltin' Pot

D.C.: "I take a few different medications: a couple of mood stablizers and antidepressants. Like, I take Lithium. Today, I'm feeling alright. When I'm down, I barely manage to maintain. But now that I'm 20, things seem to be smoothing out for me. I think it's going to be weird being 21 and legal to drink, because I'm also a recovering crack cocaine addict. But I'll handle it."


T-Shirt by Schwipe, sweatshirt and hat by Circa, pants by Rogan

Julie: "Bipolar is like this new catch-all diagnosis in psychiatry. First it was major depression, then it was ADHD. Now it's bipolar disorder. It's the new thing, the new way to put people in categories."

Jacket by Boxfresh, t-shirt by Gamma-Go, pants by Levi's; necklace model's own

Jeff: "I was having problems just doing day-to-day chores because of my illness. I needed somewhere to come for some support. There's always more to learn, you know? Still, sometimes when I get manic, things get out of control."

Jacket by Columbia, jeans model's own