Elektra Kotsoni

Elektra Kotsoni

  • People Skateboard in St. Petersburg, Too

    It's unfair, but when I think of Russia I think of 'Fiddler on the Roof,' snow, and old people who drink vodka to ward off pneumonia. But then I got a glimpse of Vika Mak's pictures and realized that wherever you are in the world, skating all day and...

  • Who Cares About Putin When You Have Islam?

    The Russian republic of Chechnya has been undergoing an Islamic revival. Having existed under Soviet rule for 70 years before getting caught up in a war with the Russian Federation that lasted almost two decades, the tiny state has turned to Islam in...

  • Give Shane Deegan a Job

    Shane Deegan is a photographer from London who thought it would be overindulgent for him to write a couple of sentences about himself and his work to go with this set of pictures. How aware of his own work is he? I don't know. But he did want me to...

  • John Kilar's Photos Will Get You Thrown in Jail

    John Kilar, the photographer who took the pictures for "Venice Beach Is a Paradise," let me have a look at his portfolio. I'm now seriously considering flying to California and committing some kind of minor crime, just so I can stay there for a couple...

  • Chris Bethell Tells Lies About Manchester

    Because photographing the truth can get boring.

  • Zacharias Dimitriadis Makes Greece Look Fun Again

    His photos make you forget about all the hatred and fighting, which is nice.