John Saward

John Saward

  • Why I Love Watching Ron Jeremy Fuck

    To witness Ron Jeremy have intercourse is to witness a grizzly bear eat a flamingo, or an orphan try to break into a vending machine. You don't masturbate to Ron Jeremy having sex, because using a Ron Jeremy scene to masturbate is like using a volcano...

  • If You Gaze Into ‘The Hills,’ ‘The Hills’ Gazes Also Into You

    During the month of July, MTV aired all six seasons of The Hills, its genre-defining reality show about halter tops, sunglasses, and white people crying. If your response to that is to say it is artificial, that it glorifies immoral infants, that it...

  • Octomom Masturbating Is the 38th Wonder of the World

    When she tries to maneuver a dildo around her vagina it's basically like a deaf and blind person tracing FOOD THANK YOU BYE or something on someone’s hand.