Megan Koester

Megan Koester

  • The Worst Restaurant in the World

    Where do all the horrible crawling things in LA congregate, make weekend plans, and compliment one another's handbags? Answer: the Jack in the Box on the corner of Sunset and Cahuenga.

  • How Not to Be a Stand-Up Comedian

    As a mediocre comedian myself, I think I know a thing or two about mediocre comedy. This gives me the ability to competently analyze it and inform young dreamers how not to do it. I also brought Andy Kindler along, just because I could.

  • Jury Duty: It's Your Civic Duty

    The county of Los Angeles wants to let me, a complete degenerate, participate in the judicial process and give me enough scratch to buy one flavorless sandwich per day at the court snack bar? SIGN ME UP.

  • Coachella and Other Things You Cannot Afford

    If you're going to Coachella this weekend, you no doubt shelled out tons of cash for tickets. Know what would have been a more productive thing to buy? Health insurance. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Any by "yourself," I mean your credit.

  • I Make My Living by Getting Injected with Radiation

    I've had a camera shoved into my body, drank vomit-inducing room temperature white wine in a basement while coeds watched and giggled, and demonstrated my humiliating lack of knowledge of mathematics to a dude wearing flip-flops—all in the interest of...

  • How Jay Leno Has Bettered Our Society

    Jay Leno is officially being replaced by Jimmy Fallon come 2014. So far, no one has stood up to defend the Chinned One's honor—until now. If you think Leno hasn’t made the world a better place during his 20-something-year tenure at the helm of 'The...