Meghan Neal

Meghan Neal

  • Is China Wiring Africa for Surveillance?

    The thinking goes that if you build the infrastructure, you can easily build backdoors to get in and ascertain information. And not only is China laying the brick, so to speak. In many cases it's also running the networks for the African governments.

  • 'Terrorist States' Are Still Using American Surveillance Software Despite Embargoes

    While Americans fret over the US government spying on citizens in the name of fighting terrorism, the very terrorist regimes the feds are trying to thwart are using surveillance technology from Silicon Valley to monitor and censor dissidents fighting...

  • How to Keep Using Airbnb In New York Without Getting Evicted

    A New York judge ruled that it was illegal for Nigel Warren to rent out his apartment on Airbnb for a long weekend. It probably is for you, too—unless you follow these tips.