Mihai Popescu

Mihai Popescu


  • Romanians Are Fighting Fracking on Horseback

    Zîna Domintean says riot cops beat her up and choked her with the Romanian flag while trying to clear the way for a shale gas fracking operation.

  • Romanians Are Slaughtering Packs of Stray Dogs

    In early September, stray dogs attacked and killed a four-year-old child near a park in Bucharest, Romania. That incident highlighted one of the biggest problems facing the capital city today, where about 64,000 ownerless canines roam the streets.

  • Romanian Villagers Managed to Keep Fracking Out of Their Backyard

    Last week, 600 angry farmers from the village of Pungeşti protested to stall the Chevron bulldozers heading for their land, and they won at least a temporary victory when the company decided to delay operations in the area.

  • The Nine-Year-Old Romanian Strongman and His Pissed-off Dad

    Giuliano Stroe is probably the strongest nine-year-old on the planet. The Romanian boy started lifting weights when he was two and has set world records for doing push-ups without letting his feet touch the ground, along the way acquiring about 15,00...

  • The Reluctant Roma Cannibals of Romania

    Conditions in Nazi concentration camps were so horrible, many Roma were forced to eat their children. Romeo Tiberiade is making a documentary about this terribly depressing story, which chronicles the deportation of Roma people from Romania to...

  • The Screaming Policeman of Bucharest

    Behold his wordless rage.