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    Did you enjoy that? Sure you did.

  • Move Over Cindy Crawford

    Of course you recognize Jenny Shimizu from Steven Meisel’s ubiquitous new Calvin Klein CK One perfume ads that are covering magazines and billboards around the world.

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    EMILY, 2000 “This is really great because it’s got videotapes in it, and the little TV that has the video recorder. It looks so old.”

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    Photos by Richard Kern

  • Shot By Kern

    Sophie was the nude guest on the first episode of Shot by Kern and she holds a dear, dear, dear place in our hearts. Why not go to VBS.TV, watch her get undressed for Richard, and fall in love with her all over again? Or at least masturbate...

  • Vice Fashion - Intrauterine Devices

    Photos by Richard KernStyling by Avena Gallagher at De facto

  • Shot By Kern

    Richard Kern has a new photo series going where he takes school-style portraits of his models, both clothed and... unclothed. Imagine if every girl in your yearbook had been topless. Ay-yi-yi.Here we have "Hugo" (that's the nom de porn she...

  • Shot By Kern

    This is Laura. She lives in Mexico City. Kern shot her on his recent trip down there... There’s not much more to say, other than that we like seeing girls sitting on toilets. Is that weird? Oh, and you can catch Laura on Shot by Kern on VBS.TV...

  • Shot By Kern

    Richard Kern photographed Argentine-born Ana Lucia at her home in Mexico City. She told us that in middle school her nickname was "The Sweet Little Ass From Seventh Grade."If you go to VBS.TV/shotbykern right now, you can watch her get naked and