Roc Morin

Roc Morin

  • CSI Afghanistan: Solving Murders in a War Zone

    The man’s headless body was found sprawled in the middle of a road with a note pinned to his chest that read: “Anyone who attends this man’s funeral can expect the same fate.” The case was sent to Afghanistan's first and only forensic investigations...

  • Reading Taliban Love Poems in an Afghan Prison

    I jumped onto the tarmac, squinting through the heat blast. We had come to witness the successful, but rocky, passage of a NATO prison and military base into Afghan hands.

  • I Kayaked to New York City’s Abandoned North Brother Island

    In a city crammed with 8 million people, North Brother Island has sat abandoned since the 1960s. It's about a thousand feet from the shores of the South Bronx, and over the centuries it's been home to quarantined smallpox victims and Typhoid Mary, NYC...

  • The Site of Hitler’s Suicide Is Now a Playground

    By the afternoon of his suicide, Adolf Hitler hadn’t seen the sun in ten days. He had been living in a concrete bunker 28 feet below the ruins of Berlin for months. Sixty-eight years later, Berlin is almost unrecognizable, and a slide sits atop the...

  • Searching for Forrest Fenn's Gold

    In 2010, cancer-stricken millionaire Forrest Fenn buried a chest containing three million dollars worth of treasure somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe. Clues to the chest’s whereabouts are hidden in the text of a memoir and poem he published...

  • 3,500 Cops Who Want All Drugs to Be Legal

    “Just so we’re clear,” began Peter Christ during our first phone conversation, “if you look in Webster’s Dictionary at the word hypocrite, you will see a picture of me. I believed that this drug war was a stupid fucking idea even before I became a cop.”