Wilbert L. Cooper

Wilbert L. Cooper

  • Scrap or Die

    Οι κλέφτες μετάλλων γκρεμίζουν το Κλήβελαντ κομμάτι-κομμάτι.

  • The VICE Podcast - The $500 Billion Scrap Industry

    This week on the VICE Podcast, Wilbert L. Cooper sits down with Adam Minter, an expert in the global economy of scrap, to discuss the ways scrap impacts our lives from the devices we use to the air we breathe.

  • Girls Rule My World

    Through my relentless search on the internet for the perfect gifts, I discovered three new amazing companies run by people with vaginas that make cool stuff for other people with vaginas. I was so inspired by their very different but awesome missions...

  • Was Jesus a Roman Hoax to Trick the Jews?

    Joe Atwill purports to have discovered proof that Jesus of Nazareth was merely a fabrication of first-century Romans, who created his gospels as a way to quell the messianic fervor of the Jews.

  • Scrap or Die

    One sweltering afternoon in July, I found myself breaking and entering into a derelict warehouse on the east side of Cleveland. I was in the middle of a crash course in metal theft from a man named Jay Jackson.

  • Jimi Nxir's "Thundher" Video

    Jimi Nxir is in his own lane—honing a sound that falls somewhere between D'Angelo and Burial. It's soulful and electronic, emotive and dark. I'm super proud to premiere his debut music video for "Thundher," which was produced by Street Etiquette's...