• Doctors in British Columbia Can Now Prescribe Heroin

    Clinical studies have shown that prescribing some hardcore addicts heroin can give their lives some much-needed stability. The only question is whether the government's knee-jerk antidrug policies will allow the effective treatment to go forward.

  • Clean Mountain Air

    I'm a recovering addict. I was a junkie. My drug of choice was cocaine, crack... Whatever I could shoot up, basically.

  • Over The Counter Habits

    The FSB (which is like the FBI but waaaay scarier) gassed the “Nord-Ost” hostages with it in October 2002 to prevent some Chechen mujahadeen from blowing the building up with 900 or so hostages inside. The women and children simply OD’d on the stuff...

  • The VICE Guide to Rehab

    A good rehab is essentially an anarchist socialist commune with one rule: Don't get high.

  • In The Blood

    My father liked heroin. A lot. He liked it so much that I guess one day he went out for a pack of smokes or something and never came back.

  • Tulsa, Now and Then

    Photos by Larry Clark

  • Glue Kids

    When your nights are spent sleeping on cold concrete and your whole family is dead or missing you take what you can get to reach oblivion asafp.