amie barrodale

  • Recipe Corner

    Here are some suggested dishes to accompany the stories in the 2013 Fiction Issue, directly from a few of the authors who wrote them.

  • A Ghost Story

    Since the incident, I did not drink, due to a court order. Occasionally, however, I drank with my mother in small amounts, or alone at a place around the corner. I confessed this to Edward. I said, “Earlier tonight I had wine with my mother. Generally...

  • Shiva’s Wedding

    We’d been in India for a month, and it looked like the wedding wasn't going to happen. The last two times I’d been married my brides had been enthusiastic—they were insistent, even. Now I was getting married for a third time to a woman who didn’t want...

  • Amie Barrodale and Clancy Martin at the Russian Bathhouse

    Getting beaten by a bunch of Russian strangers is totally relaxing.

  • Meeting Khyentse Rinpoche’s Incarnate

    About 20 years ago I met the previous Khyentse Rinpoche, and traveled with him for around three weeks. Seeing his 17-year-old incarnate from afar, I didn’t get a strong impression.

  • I'm Psychic... with Gesar Mukpo

    I read the future of a past-life Tibetan Buddhist lama reincarnated as a filmmaker. Maybe it didn't go so well.

  • The Defender of Snakes

    I thought of her as the defender of snakes. She was a German woman with shaggy, sandy blond hair. The first time I saw her, she was sitting with a group of paragliders at the Friends coffee shop.

  • Bleeding Ears

    Listening to one song over and over for a prolonged period of time—especially music that's intentionally harmful and not from someone's culture—is a form of inflicting pain.