• Inside Anonymous’s Operation to Out Rehtaeh Parsons’s Rapists

    In the wake of Rehtaeh Parson's suicide, Anonymous is threatening Nova Scotia's authorities. They say they will release the names of those they believe to be guilty of raping Parson. We spoke to an organizer of that particular Anonymous-led operation...

  • Anonymous Is Doing Nothing to Stop Israeli Aggression

    Countries do not reverse course because someone attacks them, unless you advocate invading the country, dismantling their government, disbanding their military, and occupying them for almost a decade. I mean, that always works, right?

  • The Rohingya Movement, as Seen by a Journalist in Burma

    On Monday, we reported on the online activism surrounding the Rohingya genocide. Today we bring you an interview with a journalist on the frontlines in Burma, as well as an update on the RohingyaNOW movement as a whole.

  • We Spoke to Barrett Brown from Prison

    Last night, news broke that Barrett Brown's mother pled guilty to a charge of obstructing evidence. A few weeks ago, we spoke to the journalist and Anonymous associate who is now facing a potential 100-year sentence in prison.

  • Anonymous Taught Twitter About the Rohingya Genocide

    Yesterday, for a few hours at least, the plight of a small indigenous people was given center stage on Twitter. The Rohingya people—inhabitants of Burma, known officially as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar—were recognized by several thousand...

  • The Reuters Journalist Who Played with Anonymous and Got Burned

    The internet is collectively freaking out over Matthew Keys, the Reuters deputy social media editor, who is facing 25 years in jail for very unclear tech-crime charges. His alleged ties with Anonymous have gotten him in a lot of trouble, but is a...