• Day Jobs - Will from Lilac

    Will Ivy from Lilac taught me that you can get a job by just looking "artsy" at Trader Joe’s, but advertising yourself as a “nice person” on Craigslist will get you nowhere.

  • Let's Spend Some Time Together at That Music Thing

    It'll be like that scene from Almost Famous.

  • Sick to Death

    Throwing Up are a new band from London who are different from most new bands in London in that they might not be total dog piss and they don't sit around being moody and taking themselves seriously.

  • The VICE Guide to Not Being in a Band - Continued

    Here is the URL that we promised you in The Vice Guide to Not Being in A Band. It’s filled to the brim with educational information, tips, and tidbits to help you get out there and do something with yourself. Besides being in a band. Enjoy.

  • Wasted Youth

    As a teenager, Dave Markey documented the LA punk scene surrounding SST Records through his zine, We Got Power, and Super-8 films like Desperate Teenage Lovedolls.

  • Marion Barry: Guardian Angel Of Punk Rock

    Marion Barry, the much maligned former mayor of Washington, DC, is mostly known as a punch line. As a synonym for "smoking crack," he embodied white America's media-based fantasy of 80s urban blacks-entitled, lazy, corrupt, drug addled, and taking...

  • Under The Fuzz

    The internet has made everything too easy. Remember when you used to have to send a cheque off to some PO Box just to get hold of a zine and in the back of it you'd see a list of records by a bunch of bands you knew nothing about?

  • Electric Independence

    For the second month in a row we're over in New York, in a manner of speaking, talking to a couple of guys who've made an incredible record that perhaps a few hundred people might think about buying.

  • Raw China

    These death metal maestros make the four horsemen of the apocalypse sound like My Little Pony.

  • Electric Independence

    There’s rarely anything positive to say about the Daily Mail or the Mail on Sunday, but it wasn’t the toughest decision in the world to buy a copy of the paper the other weekend when it offered a free copy of Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene album on CD

  • Explosive Mental Images

    If you've entered 2008 feeling somewhat underwelmed by the crop of new bands on the cards, you may at least find some solace in the fact that you're definitely not alone.

  • Asbestos Party

    I'm in love with Baltimore. A little weird as I've never actually been there. To me, it's an exotic wasteland of derelict warehouses strewn with the victims of Edgar Allan Poe tales.