• What Is Obscene?

    The same people who get upset about 'American Psycho' or 'Irreversible' or 'A Serbian Film' or de Sade or whatever other kind of work that incorporates nasty language or violence are the same ones who begin their day watching 'The View' and Kelly Ripa...

  • Ai Weiwei Still Knows How to Piss Off the Chinese Government

    A friend of his just made a film about him called "Never Sorry." The movie follows the artist around for several years from 2008 and ends shortly after Weiwei returns from a shady 81-day disappearance/detention.

  • Harry's Freedom Foxhole - The Republicans Want to Ban Porn

    They’re trying to chip away at the First Amendment and reestablish the social mores of—when? The 50s? The 19th century?

  • Erotic Fiction, Puritan Censorship And Gynaecological Detail

    Jack Fritscher, the award-winning author of hundreds of stories and articles and 20 books, is about as informed as anyone on the history of erotic fiction, its importance, and the state of erotic publishing today.