chris nieratko

  • Hip-Hop Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Repackaged

    Skateboarding ruined hip-hop, and Lil Wayne sucks, but at least we have our CDs and cassettes from the 90s to drown our sorrows.

  • The Wonderful Sieben of Oz

    I love it when our friends become famous, especially when those friends come from the skateboarding world. So you can imagine how my heart sang when I heard that our very own columnist, Michael Sieben, had been tapped to give his visual interpretation...

  • Battle of the Butthole Tattoos

    This girl wants her butthole tattoo to make her famous so she can spread goodwill to the poor and needy.

  • LA Pizza That Doesn’t Suck?

    All pizza in Los Angeles sucks. It’s a law written in blood. And yet former pro skater Salman Agah believes he is above the law with his eatery Pizzanista, which churns out miracle pies. I chatted with Salman to find out what the secret of not sucking...

  • The World’s Biggest Beatles Fan

    Until recently I thought my wife’s retarded uncle, Lonnie, was the biggest Beatles fan in the world. Then I discovered Zarrah Angel, who has her butthole tattooed with one of their biggest hits.

  • Nicola Jayne Hebson: Vegan Taxidermist Extraordinaire

    Meat isn’t murder if the beast died of natural causes, right? That’s the philosophy that allows Nicola Jayne Hebson, a vegan taxidermist, to sleep at night.