• Forget Gun Control, Let’s Ban the Senate

    The failure of the gun control bill isn’t an example of cowardice on the part of senators who didn’t vote for it, or some fatal flaw on behalf of its sponsors. It’s just another case of the Senate being cripplingly, pathetically gridlocked and unable...

  • Obama Wants to Kill the Penny and So Should You

    Nearly everyone who has thought about it agrees that pennies are terrible and we should get rid of them. They cost more than they are worth to produce, they aren’t accepted as currency by machines that take other coins, and they clutter people’s...

  • Obama's State of the Union Address, Decoded

    If you listened carefully, the 2013 State of the Union address resembled a man walking into his girlfriend’s house, standing in front of her, and telling her everything that’s wrong with her and what she should do to fix it.

  • America's Congress Is Cracking Up

    The main issue facing the United States isn’t that the bad guys are in control of the government, it’s that the government—in particular, Congress—can’t get anything done. Or won’t, same difference.

  • Oh Hey, 'Assman85'

    Why isn't Congress stopping your scumbag boss from asking for all your passwords?

  • Ten Assholes Up for Re-Election in 2012

    Lately, everybody has been focusing on the assholes at the top of the ticket, but there are a slew of Republicans and Democrats up for re-election this Novemeber who personify what it means to be a human anal cavity.