• The Feds Just Seized Funds from the Largest Bitcoin Exchange

    The US government has shutdown a key source of dollar funding for MtGox, the largest bitcoin exchange. We can only assume that the US believes some sort of crime is being committed.

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    While the bitcoin platform is theoretically sound—the decentralized blockchain makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit—vulnerabilities do exist at a few key junctures. Continuing Motherboard's bitcoin guide, here's some crucial ways the whole thing...

  • Why Bitcoins Are Just Like Gold

    A lot of people have difficulty wrapping their heads around what Bitcoin is or why it even has value, especially as the virtual cryptocurrency continues to scale record heights. How isn't this a Ponzi scheme? A good way to look at it is to compare...

  • Ripple, a Peer-to-Peer Financing Network, Could Make Bitcoin Great (or Destroy It)

    Until now, one of the main flaws of Bitcoin, the encrypted digital currency, is that it still relies on centralized exchanges.