• Strolling the Champs-Élysées with 120,000 Syrian Refugees

    On August 21, Mohamed watched rockets fly over his village outside Damascus. Rumors spread that the rockets had been loaded with sarin nerve gas. When he returned home, two of his children were dead. Mohamed left Syria, and five days later, I met him...

  • Reptile Commanders from Planet Debby

    For anyone cognizant of Vladimir Putin’s backstory, his intrusion on the Syria matter has been one of those paradoxical demonstrations that “a stopped clock is right twice a day,” or the arguably more salient truism that “50 percent of what any...

  • Dodging Bullets with Syrian Rebels Who Love Soccer and Adolf Hitler

    I spent a week living with the Free Syrian Army just north of Damascus.

  • Is the Syrian Regime Responsible for the Worst Chemical Attack in Decades?

    Yesterday harrowing videos began to spread across social media showing that chemical agents had been used in a number of towns in East Ghouta, a district on the outskirts of Damascus.

  • Prelude to 'Solo Piano Music'

    Like much of the literary elite in Syria, Fawwaz Haddad has watched his country disintegrate over the past 20 months. His stories explore the limits placed on Syrian society, zig-zagging between high-minded principles and the dirty business of everyday...

  • World Peace Update

    This week, milk was used as a weapon. I'm not sure we've ever been further from planetary harmony.

  • I Left My Family for the Free Syrian Army

    When civil war broke out last March, Loubna Mrie was persuaded by friends to smuggle bullets for the rebels of the Free Syrian Army in Damascus.

  • Ground Zero: Syria (Trailer)

    We sent renowned war photographer and videographer Robert King to Aleppo to document the conflict that is ripping Syria apart. He returned with footage that has made us very scared and very sad for the future of the country.

  • World Peace Update

    Last week, Ukrainian opposition party leader Vitali Klitschko threw world peace down the drain by attempting to take on the Kiev PD singlehandedly. That was pretty hard to top, but a bunch of Mexican cartels, some Molotov cocktail-loving Northern Irish...

  • Syrian Slaughter Update - Week Eight

    A little less conversation, a little more action.

  • Syrian Slaughter Update - Week Seven

    Assad went furniture shopping and Lionel Messi helped supply the rebels with weapons.

  • Syrian Slaughter Update - Week Four

    The Free Syrian Army might be brave, but it doesn't look like they'll be able to beat Bashar alone.