• Why Did FEMA Ground a Flood-Mapping Drone in Colorado?

    In the largest disaster response since Hurricane Katrina, Chris Miser, owner of a small drone company, thinks he can help map the devastation. FEMA? Not so much.

  • Teju Cole is Way Better at Twitter Than You

    Teju Cole has gained notoriety as a champion of the artistic merits of Twitter. He has a series of tweets that are about as vital as any I’ve encountered, and has also spoken regularly about the impact Twitter will have on the novel.

  • Are American Drones Al Qaeda's Strongest Weapon in Yemen?

    Things are getting really messy in Yemen at the moment. With soldiers being murdered in their sleep and embassies closing en masse in fear of an imminent wave of attacks and multiple drone strikes, the country seems to be the latest sandbox full of...

  • Animal Activists Are Trying to Save the World's Fish from the Mafia

    The Mafia is killing endangered sea creatures worth millions of dollars at wholesale markets in Tokyo. Activists, from a group known as the Black Fish, are using drones to catch the Mafia's illegal practices and deliver justice.

  • What the FBI's Letter to Rand Paul Says About the Bureau's Domestic Drone Use

    Unsurprisingly, the letter raises more questions than answers. How many times has the FBI flown drones, and for how long? What information was gathered? What kind of drones and cameras were used? And why drones rather than regular old manned aircraft?

  • Afghanistan's Game of Drones

    Geography rules in eastern Afghanistan. Rugged mountains and rocky plains make it a difficult trek for people, but well-suited for drones. The Shadow 200, made by the AAI Corporation, is the width of a garage door. Depending on its configuration, it...