Eby Ghafarian

  • Hanging with Al Rogers

    For this week's Mahal, I met up with Baltimore rapper Al Rogers and New York City shredder Eby Ghafarian to cruise the Lower East Side and pregame the release of Al's first ever LP, 'Almost.' Al got his start by reciting poetry then graduated to...

  • Taji's Mahal - After Hours at Skate Brooklyn

    For this week's Mahal, I was lucky enough to drop in on an after hours sesh at Skate Brooklyn. After the demise of the infamous KCDC Ramp, Skate Brooklyn has the only indoor mini-ramp left in town. Late into the night, Aaron Warner, Ariel Perl, Eby...

  • Taji's Mahal - After Hours with Nelson "Loui_D" Darden

    For this week's Mahal, I'm introducing a new series of videos that finds me cruising the streets with New York City's finest shredders. I will be dropping these from time to time as the weather permits.