Egyptian revolution

  • Death, Peace, Power, or Jihad: What Is the Future of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood?

    After last Monday's verdict from the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters, the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood is set to face a future that mirrors the majority of its past: once again becoming an illegal organization.

  • Revolutionary Youth Return to Streets in Cairo

    On Friday, the revolutionary youth returned, as the "Ahrar Movement" protesters, who rejected both the military rule and the Muslim Brotherhood. They called for a new system, one free from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Army, or the old Mubarak regime.

  • Interview With an American Shot and Arrested in Egypt

    This year an Egyptian-American named Mohamed Soltan left the United States to join protesters in Egypt who opposed the military coup that ousted Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood-backed and first democratically elected president. On Tuesday...

  • The Place Women Go to Get Raped

    Yasmine’s story goes like this: Men enclosed a circle around her, ripped her clothes, beat her, dragged her through the streets, while penetrating her with their fingers and knives.

  • The VICE Podcast Show - Michael Wahid Hanna on the New Wave of Violence in Egypt

    This week on the podcast, Reihan Salam speaks with Michael Wahid Hanna, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation and leading expert on affairs in Egypt and the Middle East. Following the ousting of Morsi, Hanna traces the history and mission of Egypt...

  • Egypt's Black Bloc—An Exclusive Interview

    On Tuesday Egypt’s chief prosecutor ordered the arrest of anyone participating in a “black bloc,” with a spokesman calling the blocs an “organized, terrorist group.” The state news agency announced the arrest of 18 alleged black bloc members on...

  • Ultras, Anarchists, and Street Fighting in Egypt

    As darkness fell on Friday, pro-democracy demonstrators across Egypt were digging in for a long night of fighting with police after a day of generally peaceful marches marking the second anniversary of the revolution that brought down dictator Hosni...