• The Worst People

    “I kind of wish everyone on Earth hadn't died,” Casey Anthony said, running her fingers through Rick Santorum's hair. “Just so we could all rub it in their stupid faces that we did survive.” Howls of laughter filled the beach. Courtney Love said, “God...

  • Anything You'd Like to Confess Before the End of the World?

    So I guess this is farewell. Tomorrow marks the day the whole internet has been waiting for: the final reckoning, apocalyptic hellfire raining down on Earth and your flesh rended from bone as humanity makes its excruciating descent into the eternal...

  • Sex, Defecation, and a Spate of "Fridgings

    It was another slow week in NT news, only four crocodile incidents and the end of the world.

  • Tell me About your Bunker

    It was 2009 when Simon Young realised the world was going to end. He was living in Tenterfield at the time – an inland beef town some 700 kilometres north of Sydney. “And one night I had this dream that I was driving in the car up in the mountains...