final fantasy VIII

  • Fantasy Football Draft Prep, Part 2 - Fake Running Backs

    Even though no one who’s paid to know fantasy football can actually predict anything, VICE takes a look and predicts—sort of—which running backs are the best and which ones truly suck so you can fake own them for your fake team and potentially make...

  • Fantasy Football Draft Prep, Part 1 - Fake Quarterbacks

    There are “experts” whose job it is to pretend to know more about the likelihood of certain future football guy-related events than you, but they don't really know. You should palm off that knowledge as your own when you’re talking to your friends...

  • Final Fantasy XIII

    Final Fantasy XIII is a great game, but only if you play it on its own terms. It's a serious break from the way previous Final Fantasy games have played, which can be shocking or disappointing if you want a familiar experience.