Free Syrian Army

  • Are Greek Neo-Nazis Fighting for Assad in Syria?

    Just over a month ago, a blogger sent me an article translated from a right-wing Greek newspaper. The clipping contained an interview with an obscure far-right group called Black Lily, who were making bold claims about having a "whole platoon of...

  • The Free Syrian Army Press Office would Rather Be Fighting

    Abdul was part of the brigade which took over the border region around Azaz last year. Afterwards, he was assigned to the press office to translate documents and show journalists around. He’s been bored out of his mind ever since.

  • Syrian Rebels Are Killing Each Other for Control

    As the rebel resistance continues to splinter, many groups who once fought side by side against Assad have been pitted against each other. I saw this firsthand recently in the city of Raqqa.

  • Syrian Rebels Are Getting Serious Help from a House in Suburban Ontario

    The Syrian Support Group is doing a tremendous amount of work to help organize the Free Syrian Army, mainly through Skype and Paypal. One of the group's founders, Louay Sakka, works out of his home in Oakville, Ontario, and we called him to learn what...

  • Συρία

    Μια από τις πιο πλήρεις και βάναυσα ειλικρινείς καταγραφές ενός πολέμου που συνεχίζει να αποσταθεροποιεί όλο και περισσότερο την περιοχή της Μέσης Ανατολής

  • Chatting About 'Game of Thrones' with Syria's Most Feared Islamic Militants

    “Watch out, we’re terrorists!” his colleague, a lanky Emirati with facial hair reminiscent of Orlando Bloom chimed in, before he started laughing, too. The Emirati then excitedly asked me what part of New York City I was from. “Oh, Brooklyn? Yeah, I...

  • Tagging the Revolution in Northern Syria

    Graffiti found on the crumbling walls and facades of Azaz’s cityscape—the majority of which are scrawled with a focus on sentiment rather than aesthetics—pay homage to the town’s experience of conflict and to the wider geo-political discourse that...

  • Meet the Ladies of the Free Syrian Army

    Just a few hundred meters from the Turkey-Syria border lies Atmeh, a once quiet farm town that has become a safe haven for the Free Syrian Army. Fifteen thousand Syrians roam freely, displaced by the civil war. There’s also Auntie Mahmoud’s house—a...

  • The Little Lion: Syria’s 11-Year-Old Killing Machine

    Child soldiers in Syria are involved in shelling, airstrikes, and sniping. They’ve also been subject to arbitrary arrest, torture and rape, as reported by the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Syria. VICE met one of these child soldiers, 11-year...

  • Interviews with Syrian Army Defectors

    Today, we're serving up two interviews Robert King conducted in the field with Abu Ahmad, a civil engineer and defector from the Syrian Army, and Akhi Muhammad, a defected Free Syrian Army officer from Damascus.

  • Inside Aleppo's 'Stalingrad'

    I am traveling with the Free Syrian Army on the front line of the al-Arqub neighborhood in Aleppo. Sniper rounds crack as the bullets zip over our heads. The acidic taste of gunpowder scares my throat and burns my waterless tear ducts. Just a half mile...

  • Interviews with a Commander and a Rebel Soldier in the FSA

    VICE reached out to Robert King in an attempt to arrive at the twisted core of the matter in Syria. Today, we're serving up two interviews he conducted with the commander of the largest FSA brigade in Aleppo and a carpenter turned FSA rebel.