• Thoughts on a Fire-Fighting Tony Abbott

    During last week’s catastrophic NSW bushfires, Greens leader Adam Bandt reminded us of the very real human cost of worldwide Climate Change. Tony Abbott literally put out fires. Which politician was more guilty of politicising a tragedy?

  • Humanity Is Getting Verrrrrrry Close to Extinction

    We've had a good run, but the Near Term Extinction movement and others are saying that it's pretty much over for humans. Oh, well.

  • Sandy and the Broken Machine

    Global warming isn't a joke or a trick, it's the new future, a thousand miles wide and coming for us at a hundred miles an hour.

  • How Long Do We Have Before Global Warming Kills Us?

    Hundred-degree weather starts to look mild when it's followed by tornadoes, hail, and thunderstorms in a three-week period. Weather like this leaves us all wondering when will the Earth crack its shell, swallow us into the depth of its lava, and end...

  • Rio+20 Was a Predictable Bust

    By 2012 the global warming crisis was supposed to be resolved. What a bunch of bullshit.

  • Native Americans Have Front-Row Seats at the Global Warming Show

    The animals they rely on for food are either dying or acting like psychopaths and their graveyards are getting swallowed by the ocean. This isn't good.